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BIO Honduras


Country of origin: Honduras Caffeine: Medium Washed coffee produced by a farmer - Don Pedro Fiallos - from the Corquin part of Copan Department. Cocoa and citrus fruit are discernible in...

Panama La Berlina


Country of origin: Panama Caffeine: High Washed coffee of the Bourbon variety from the Casa Ruiz farm. The taste combines chocolate with dark forest berries, which starts out with the...

Brazil SWD decaffeinated


Country of origin: Canada Caffeine: Caffein-free A blend of choice Brazilian arabica coffees that are decaffeinated by the unique Swiss Water Process (SWD). During this procedure no chemical dissolvent is utilised to...

El Salvador Santa Cristina Honey


Country of origin: Salvador Caffeine: High This comprises the coffee varieties Bourbon, Pacas and Sarchimor processed by the orange honey method. This particular coffee originates from the Santa Cristina farm,...

Roxanne - espresso blend


Country of origin: Blend Caffeine: High A carefully selected blend of coffee, it comprises two types of arabica bean and one robusta variety that combine superbly for espresso and milky...

Ethiopia Sidamo Gora Kone


Country of origin: Ethiopia Caffeine: Low This coffee comes from the Gora Kone factory in the Arsi region. This factory collects coffee from 700 to 800 small farmers. They usually are...

Kenya AB Boma


Country of origin: Kenya Caffeine: Medium Washed coffee from the county of Kericho, it is produced in the Boma factory which cooperates with up to 600 coffee growers, mostly women. The...

India Riverdale


Country of origin: India Caffeine: Low Washed coffee from the Riverdale Estate farm in the Eastern Ghat mountains. The owner - Prahash - is a passionate coffee grower who practices traditional processing...

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