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Maté Lemon


Country of origin: Brazil. Caffeine: Low. Refreshing lemony taste with typical vegetal tones. Ingredients: maté (97.5%), flavouring, lemon grass (0.9%).  Preparation: Use 12 g of tea (approx. 7 heaped tsp) for 1 l of...

Maté Coconut Milk


Country of origin: Brazil. Caffeine: Low. Our newest yerba concoction is a delicious, immunity-boosting yerba mate infused with white chocolate , emulsifier sunflower lecithin and coconut butter!  It’s really simple to make, a...

Maté Green


Country of origin: Brazil. Caffeine: Low. Maté leaves (Ilex paraguariensis). It has an influence on bad metabolism and discharge of water from the body. It contributes towards suppressing mental and physical tiredness,...