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Maté Green


Country of origin: Brazil. Caffeine: Low. Maté leaves (Ilex paraguariensis). It has an influence on bad metabolism and discharge of water from the body. It contributes towards suppressing mental and physical tiredness,...

Maté Coconut Milk


Country of origin: Brazil. Caffeine: Low. Our newest yerba concoction is a delicious, immunity-boosting yerba mate infused with white chocolate , emulsifier sunflower lecithin and coconut butter!  It’s really simple to make, a...

Maté Lemon


Country of origin: Brazil. Caffeine: Low. Refreshing lemony taste with typical vegetal tones. Ingredients: maté (97.5%), flavouring, lemon grass (0.9%).  Preparation: Use 12 g of tea (approx. 7 heaped tsp) for 1 l of...