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Quality control

Quality control

Our teas and coffees are selected by experienced tasters, who assess the taste, aroma and the quality of the raw material. Every possible action is taken to ensure that our products undergo thorough and proper testing to adhere to health and food safety regulations and guarantee consistency. The certificates outlined below are testament to the efforts we constantly make in this regard. They also evidence the production processes we have in place. The company is certified with ISO 9001, HACCP for tea and coffee, and IFS Food version 6 for the production of coffee.


Laboratory analyses for OXALIS are provided by the Laboratoř pro vyšetření potravin (food testing laboratory) run by MVDr. Jan Šotola, which is based in Kroměříž (Czech Republic), and the Metrological and Testing Laboratory of the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague. These organisations comply with the requirements of EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2005.

Testing and evaluating all the materials in contact with foodstuffs is carried out by the accredited company ITC, a.s., in nearby Zlin, which is rated as an internationally competent centre for undertaking independent testing, certification, calibration and inspection.


Over and above the framework of legislation, we hold HACCP certification in accordance with the Bulletin of the Ministry of Agriculture No. 2 of 2010. In order to obtain it, OXALIS had to demonstrate that the food safety of its products adhered with the requirements of European legislation and the even stricter demands of the certification scheme.

ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009

This standard challenges us to improve our quality management system and raise our standing amongst consumers. In adopting the principles of a quality management system governed by ISO 9001, provision of our services is ensured at a heightened level. The benefits of this system are perceived as superior coordination of management at the company, from the receipt of inputs and raw materials, their subsequent processing, and the sale of finished products to the final customer.


Oversight of compliance with the production of organic products and inspection of relevant records at OXALIS is provided by staff from KEZ, o. p. s.; this organisation is responsible for correctly certifying organic products.


A hygiene plan and programme for our company was drafted by Ecolab. All hygiene in the company complies with strict hygiene standards for the whole production and storage process.


OXALIS has held the IFS International Version 6 Higher Level Internationally Recognized Certificate for all coffee making processes since June 2016.


We work with an authorised company for waste disposal, EKO-KOM a.s., which handles packaging waste and related recycling operations.

OXALIS strives to minimise any negative environmental impact arising through its activities. Moreover, the company considers the ecological consequence of every investment decision it takes.