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Strawberry & Champagne Strawberry & Champagne

Strawberry & Champagne

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Country of origin: China. Caffeine: Low. A green Sencha tea boasting an exceptional blend of champagne and strawberry. Ingredients: green Sencha tea, raisins (raisins, sunflower oil), strawberries (6.1%), rosebuds, flavouring, lavender, champagne...

Mogo Mogo


Country of origin: China. Caffeine: Low.  Juicy and revitalising flavour of mango and papaya. Ingredients: green Sencha tea, banana (banana, coconut oil, banana flavouring, honey), mango (mango, acidity regulator citric acid), melon (melon,...

Milk Oolong


Country of origin: Taiwan. Caffeine: Medium. The basis for this tea is a fine oolong from a spring harvest in Anxi, Fujian. Before drying the tea leaves are flavoured via a special...

Earl Grey Superior


Country of origin: Sri Lanka. Caffeine: Medium. Ceylon Ruhuna tea, natural bergamot flavouring, orange blossom.  Preparation: Use 10 g of tea (approx. 5 tsp) for 1 l of boiling water. Allow to...

Bora Bora


Country of origin: Czech Republic. Caffeine: Caffein-free. Fruit infusion boasting magical taste of tropical fruit hinting at vanilla tones. Ingredients: raisins (raisins, sunflower oil), elderberries, papaya (papaya, sugar), apple, hibiscus, blackcurrant, flavouring, sunflowers,...

Sweet Orange


Country of origin: Czech Republic. Caffeine: Caffein-free. Sweet creamy orange flavour. Ingredients: apples, raisins (raisins, sunflower oil), carrot, apricots (apricots, rice flour, sulphur dioxide), sea buckthorn, beetroot, orange peel (5.5%), orange blossom (2.7%),...

Fairy Tale Dreams


Country of origin: Czech Republic. Caffeine: Caffein-free. Exclusive taste will make you feel Fairy Tale with each cup. Ingredients: apples, rose hip, lime blossom, chamomile, black chokeberries, beetroot, elderflowers, strawberries, flavouring, raspberries.  Preparation: Use...



Country of origin: China Caffeine: Low Enigmatic flowery tones.Ingredients: Green teas - Sencha, China Bancha and Kukicha, sesame, bamboo shoots, Schizandra berries, ginger, roses, flavouring. Preparation: Use 10 g of tea (approx....

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