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Yunnan white special


Country of origin: China. Caffeine: Hight. White tea from Yunnan Province made from the long-leafed cultivar Assamica. Thanks to its long leaves and manufacturing process, including natural wilting and drying, the tea...

White Monkey


Country of origin: China. Caffeine: Medium. Hand-rolled long-leafed tea with a pale infusion, mild aroma and delicate taste.  Preparation: Allow 1 teaspoon of tea for each 1.5 dl of water and one...

Strawberry & Aloe


Country of origin: China. Caffeine: Low. Exceptional taste of wild strawberries with tones of fresh aloe. Ingredients: white Shou Mei tea, apples, strawberries (3%), flavouring, calendula, aloe flavouring (1.8%). Preparation: Use 10 g...

Juicy Raspberry


Country of origin: China. Caffeine: Low. Alluring taste of red raspberriesIngredients: Shou Mei white tea, Ceylon Sencha green tea, raisins (raisins, sunflower oil), redcurrants, flavouring, raspberries (2.4%).  Preparation: Use 10 g of...

Geisha's Smile


Country of origin: China. Caffeine: Low. Invigorating taste of orange, mandarin and lemon grass. Ingredients: Shou Mei white tea, apple, lemon grass, orange peel, orange blossom, flavouring. May contain traces of nuts. Preparation:...

Falling Snowflake


Country of origin: China Caffeine: Medium Smooth mixture of oranges and spicesIngredients: white teas - Shou Mei, Pai Mu Tan and Snow Buds, green China Bancha tea, coconut, orange peel, natural...

China Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls


Country of origin: China. Caffeine: High. The finest tea leaves and buds are hand-rolled into small pearls and scented with the aroma of fresh jasmine blossom. Following the scenting process, the jasmine...

Adikia - gift set blooming tea


Scented white teas Bai He Xian Zi 'Divine Lily', Man Tian Xian Tao 'Sacred Flowers', He Jia Huan Le 'Family Fortune', Xu Ri Dong Sheng 'Rising Sun'. Preparation Preparation guidelines:...