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Benefits of Tea

By :George Dimitrov 0 comments
Benefits of Tea

Tea, being the second most popular drink in the world, still causes controversy and disagreement among experienced connoisseurs of this drink and among newcomers to the tea world. Tea is a drink with a complex chemical composition, the number of trace elements included in the infusion of this drink is already in the hundreds (according to the latest data of discovered and studied trace elements, there are more than 130), therefore, the effect of tea on the body is very complex and multifaceted, and the beneficial properties of Chinese tea are also very varied.

So what is tea good for? And what possible health risks can our beloved drink carry? If we talk about the benefits of tea, then, firstly, we should immediately make a reservation that the human body is a very complex device, and tea has a special effect on each person (although a number of common patterns, of course). Secondly, the variety of Chinese tea is also very large, and it extends not only to the abundance of varieties, but also to the abundance of tea of ​​different quality of the same variety, therefore, by consuming different tea, you can get completely different effects on your body.

So, let's start with a description of a comprehensive description of the effects of tea on the body and its general beneficial properties:
1) tea stimulates the nervous system, thein (a type of caffeine) contained in tea invigorates the nerve cells of the body, promoting brain activity and increasing physical activity;
2) tea has pronounced antimicrobial properties, vitamins, amino acids and other microelements contained in tea increase immunity and help fight almost any disease;
3) tea plays an important role in cleansing the body, different teas have different effects, but in general, almost any tea improves the properties of the blood and removes toxins from the digestive system;
4) one of the most important useful properties of tea is its beneficial effect on the skin, hair and teeth, as a result of which tea infusion and tea leaves are actively used in Chinese medicine and in cosmetology;
5) the complex effect of tea also includes the improvement of metabolism in the human body
6) Regular tea consumption also helps regulate cholesterol levels in the body, which leads to a significant reduction in the risk of diabetes and partly contributes to weight loss.
In China, since ancient times, tea has gained the fame of "a cure for all diseases"; nevertheless, one should not consider tea solely as a medicine. High-quality tea, possessing a rich set of useful microelements, still does not become just a medicine, this drink, with moderate and correct use, has a complex effect. In other words, the daily consumption of high-quality tea will certainly give a positive effect to your body, which you cannot help but feel, while you cannot rely only on tea. A healthy lifestyle includes sports, proper nutrition, regular travel, and the absence of stressful situations. Tea will be a good addition to a comprehensive approach to maintaining health in the body! Separately, it is worth making a reservation about the "special properties" of tea, which have been so popularized recently. Tea "does not poke, does not poke, does not cover, etc.", all the above metaphors are just a metaphor for a certain circle of people trying to replace the true culture of tea drinking for commercial purposes. Of course, tea as a natural energy drink, with excessive consumption or strong brewing (see chifir), will slightly change your consciousness, but such experiments, firstly, are harmful to health, and secondly, they will not give you the expected effect! Enjoy your tea in moderation! Soulful tea parties!

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